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Fee Schedule and Health Plan List

How to Use the HNA Network:

The Fee Schedule and Health Plan List (click here to download): This booklet contains a current Health Plan List and Fee Schedule for payers that Healthcare Networks of America (HNA) contracts with on behalf of its members. Changes in payer contracts are mailed out annually with membership renewals. Within this document the patient contract is listed within the grey bar with the Fee Schedule indicated directly under each contract heading. Specialties, coverage, states applicable, reimbursement, claims submission and patient identification are also listed. The payers the contract represents are then listed for a complete plan overview.

Regarding the HNA Network: HNA is not an insurance company, we are a provider network. The Client Payer List and Fee Schedule contain the current list of payers. HNA contracts its network of doctors directly with the PPO’s named in the grey bars. You will notice that there are thousands of payers, including insurance companies, self-funded employers, unions, and TPAs within each PPO contract. You will be listed in the Preferred Provider Directory with each of these 6,800 payers upon completion of the credentialing process.

Regarding future contracts: HNA continues to research and find new patient contracts both nationally and locally for our members and negotiates the highest possible rate of reimbursement available. Once a new contract is secured:

  1. HNA then releases the contracts to our providers, our providers then have the right to opt-out of any contracts or products they do not wish to participate in.
  2. HNA does monthly electronic updates to the payers and to information up-to-date on our providers.
  3. Changes that are made to the payer contracts are also passed on to the participating providers as they become available.

Regarding patient identification: Patients sent to you from HNA client payers are not identified as “HNA” patients on the patient ID card. Unless otherwise noted, the patient ID card will identify the insurance carrier or PPO (this could be the PPO listed in the grey bar or any of the thousands of payers they service) to which HNA has contracted and listed you as a preferred provider. The following list provides you with the names of payers through HNA’s contracting efforts. You may opt out by submitting in writing any contract(s) you do NOT wish to participate in. If you are already listed with one of the contracts or payers, that agreement will supersede your HNA contract.

Regarding Claims Submission: All claims must be forwarded to the payer and address indicated on the patient ID card.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your membership with HNA or regarding this Health Plan List and Fee Schedule. We may be reached at 877-311-3338 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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